Mandy Ho, 何佩珉

香港動作特技演員公會 HK Stuntman Association

Mandy has been practicing the choy li fut style of kung fu since she was five. It's a martial arts form that combines northern and southern style techniques and it has been praised by Bruce Lee as the most effective system in fighting off a group of attackers.


Mandy got her foot into the entertainment industry when she applied to be in TVB's reality competition show Kung Fu Supernova back in 2011. Out of 12 contestants Ho stood out and won because of her quick wit, creativity and impeccable moves. "I was the most experienced, so there was pressure to prove myself," she says. And she did. The show continued to the international round with competitors hailing from the US, Malaysia and China and Ho once again took the crown.

This shouldn't come as much of a shock, since she is accustomed to winning. At the 2011 International Traditional Kung Fu Forum she won the gold medal in Chinese boxing and at the Tuen Mun Martial Arts Forum, she secured the title for Chinese boxing and Chinese short weapons. Her specialty are short blades and daggers.

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